Friday, May 25, 2012

Puerta Vallarta=PARADISE!

So, I have the BEST grandparents in the whole entire world!  They took us ALL (54 total!) to Mexico for 8 days!  We are lucky enough to have awesome parents and Brock's mom being so generous, offered to watch our kids.  So not only was it 8 days of sun but it was also total relaxation because we were CHILDFREE!  Don't get me wrong we were missing them like crazy but it was so nice to have a vacay to ourselves!  Here are some pics:)

Airplane ride with 45 of our family members.  Ha! we took up the entire plane.

All the girls ready for dinner:)  Yes, we got the best room in the complex and this was our view!

Mexican fiesta on the beach 

This is Las Caleitas.  We took a boat out to a private beach and kayaked, snorkeled, had cooking lessons, etc.  It was one of the best days.  Highly recommend!

Dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  We pretty much ate the whole trip and I'm almost positive we ate all the guacamole in Puerto Vallarta.  We survived on Guac, quesadillas and salsa.  Oh, and Coke lite, the Mexican version is delish!

The whole entire fam-dam! We have the besty best fam eva!!

Girlys by the pool:)

It was the trip of a lifetime!  Thank you so much Granpa!!!!!  And thanks to Netso for taking care of our kids while we were gone:)

Monday, February 27, 2012


I am so far behind in my blogging that I'm not even going to attempt to catch up ha!  I'm just starting from our recent disneyland adventure and moving forward:)  Grandma and Grandpa Bowden gave all the grandkids a trip to Disneyland this year for Christmas!  Are we spoiled or what?!  Here are some highlights of our trip.  It was one ove the best EVER!

Both kids just can't wait to take off on our 13 hour road trip..
Londyn couldn't have been better, seriously she is a slice of heaven.  And since we got Cohen a DVD player in the car for the drive he was a little angel.   

but 72 hours of disney movies later we finally made it!  Cohen had a little birthday surpirse from Mickey (A.K.A grandma, grandpa and cousins) in our room when we got there..

 Then we were off to the Medieval Time Restaurant.  It was so fun! I had never been there before but the kids loved it!  Cohen loved the horses and the food was delicious:)

When we got back to the hotel we took a walk down downtown disney and Cohen's 2 obsessions in life are Toy Story and Cars so we had to take a picture by Woody.

Then it was breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, a must at Disneyland!


Cohen was seriously fearless on everything.  I know this is just a merry-go-round, but he went on everything he was tall enough for and he laughed everytime.  He had a fake little laugh after every ride that was a crack up!

Cohen's second obsession...

Tea Cups!!  Cohen thought these were hilarous..

Londyn, the best baby in the world, just chillin and loving Disneyland!
We had so much fun!  Thank you so much Grandma Netso and Papa Scott.  We are trying to figure out how we can get back in the summer just in time to see Radiator Springs open up:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Sorry in advance for ALL the pictures but Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year and with kids it is like a million times more fun!  We started our Halloween fun a few days before Halloween.. This is the hayride and pumpkin patch on Saturday night with Grandma Stephie and Grandpa Matt. It was freezing but Co LOVED it! 

Later that night we got together with Cohen's cousins and decorated pumpkins with the kids favorite stickers.. Cohen's was of course Mickey Mouse!

Very proud of his decorating job..

Cute boys!

Sunday night we had a fierce pumpkin carving contest with Brock's fam.  You be the judge:)

 pumpkins in order..Grandpa Scott's, Grandma Netso's, Mine, Josh's.. Don't know what happened to Sky's, but it was really good!

I ordered Cohen this Mickey costume on ebay and I was so nervous it wasn't going to make it but it did and the second we took it out of the box he wanted to wear it.  So this is Halloween morning and he is watching cartoons in his Mickey costume, Love him!

Family picture before Trick or Treating:)

Sister was Minnie Mouse..

Mickey Mouse and Crew-the-Hobo!

Seriously, trick or treating with a two year old, maybe the funnest thing I have ever done and I'm not exaggerating!  He was hilarious!  I loved how he waddled in his little costume.  He wouldn't let anybody put a treat in his bucket he had to do it himself (I don't know where he gets his stubbornness:))

With the cousins..

 After we trick-or-treated we went to my parents house and Grandpa Matt always lets the grandkids have as much candy as the want in their buckets and believe me we had Cohen well trained before we got there!  He was taking candy from the bowl and putting it in his bucket so fast.  He got about 3 times as much candy from grandpa in 30 seconds than he did in 30 minutes of trick-or-treating,
love it!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Londyn Cole Bowden

Londyn was born on October 8, 2011.  She was a little early and much smaller than her brother!  She came to us weighing 6lb 3oz and 19in. long.  She came about 3 weeks early so she was just a little thing.  By the time we brought her home she was only 5.11!

I just have to start her birth story by saying we have been ripped off on both of our kids births.  When Cohen was born it was swine flu season and nobody was allowed in the hospital to see him and with her she was taken to the NICU about 8 seconds after she was born so nobody got to see her either.  If there is another baby up there, hopefully that birth will be better.

Anyways, the night she was born Brock and I had decided to go on one last date night before we were officially the parents of "children".  So we went to Sonora Grill and to see Real Steel (which we loved!).  We had dinner and were sitting in the movie theatre and about half way through the movie I started having contractions and they didn't stop like they usually do.  So after the movie ended we decided to run up to the hospital to check things out while we still had a babysitter for Co. 
When we got there I was sure they were going to send us home but we waited.  Everytime the nurse would come check, there was just enough progress to keep us for one more hour. So by about midnight they decided we were in active labor and they gave me an epidural.  After that it was a pretty boring night.  They said she had a really strong heart beat and it shouldn't be a problem at all that she was a little early. After about 12 hours she was finally ready and she came at 9:23 on Saturday morning.  

Once she came out the nurses took her and were getting all her measurements when they noticed her color and her breathing were a little off.  She was gray and her chest was contracting really strange every time she took a breath.  So they let me see her for about 5 seconds and then they took her to run tests.  It was a sad day!  I had to wait for the epidural to wear off before I could go see her.  It was really sad in the NICU. 

They said she must have breathed in the fluid when she came out because her lungs were wet.  They weren't sure if it was pneumonia or wet lung so they started her on antibiotics right away and she was on oxygen and and IV for her fluids.  They didn't feed her for about 2 days and that was sad.  She looked all puffy and miserable in her little incubator.  Her oxygen levels were low and it was like she was hyperventilating with each breath.  She had a hard time keeping her body temp up and she had to learn how to eat.  But each day she made a little progress and we were able to take her home on Wednesday.  When we left the hospital on Monday without her, it was really hard.  But she wasn't up there too much longer. Now she is home and she is such a good baby.  Here are some pictures...

NICU with a million chords and IV's.  She was so hard to hold all taped to the wall. 

Her little bed.  The NICU nurses at Ogden Regional took really good care of her.  They made her a little sign for her bed and made her pretty every day with a bath and a bow:)


Yay!! Finally going home.  She has the longest hands, look at her hand compared to her little face, it looks giant!

Of course we had to get Cohen a present before we brought her home.  He was feeling a little neglected so he got rock and roll Mickey. I think he loved it more than he loved his sister at first.  Now he gives her loves and helps me with her all the time.  He's a good big brother!

First family pic all together!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Weeks, 4 Weeks, 4 Weeks!!!

I can't even wait for this little girl to get here!  I know it would be the most boring post in the world, but I want to take a picture of everything I've bought for her and post it on my blog so you can see how cute she will be every day:) I've been a little out of the blogging world for a minute for two reasons.. 1) I couldn't get my blogs to post, they kept saving as drafts blah blah blah it was annoying! 2) I have been so busy on my summer projects which has been getting the kids rooms ready for new baby to arrive!  I have almost finished Cohen's new room and I'm waiting on a few more pieces for baby Girl's room, but for the most part they are finished. I kinda went a little crazy with the girl stuff at Swiss Days this year... (good thing Brock is forgiving!) but it will be worth it in the end!  I will post pictures as soon as they are done.  Co's bedding is going to be here till Christmas so it might be a little while, but they are turning out SO cute!! 

Anyways, news on baby: She is growing and growing and growing! Last week i went in for my appointment and he said I was a week ahead of what I thought so that was good! I'm not getting my hopes up though.. I'm sure she will make her appearance at the end of October. I'm getting so anxious and uncomfortable but more and more excited everyday!

Anyone who knows me knows I hate preg pictures of me and that is why none of them ever get posted, but this is a cute pic at about 8 months with all the sisters at swiss days...The other pictures are of my Coco transitioning from crib to big boy bed. Hahaha he is hilarious and every nap time is a new adventure, usually he sleeps on the floor right in front of the door. Night time is getting better, he is learning..

These were taken with my phone so they aren't the best, but look at that face!  Night #1 and SO EXCITED!

This is usually how he is laying when I check on him in the night..

And this is what our naptimes have turned into haha!

Love him!  I will try my best to get pics of the new rooms up and keep the blog updated as soon as she comes!!