Thursday, June 16, 2011

5k, Family Night & Baby #2

We were up and ready to go this past Saturday! We were up in Uintah for the Udays 5k. As you can tell, Cohen wasn't so happy to be there at 8am on a Saturday:) Brock ran the 5k, I walked it and Co got to ride in his stroller with grammy on the 1 mile fun walk/run.

Seriously, is he freakin cute or is it just me?

He did eventually get happier when he found out there was food:)

Who knew Brock was so competetive? Him and Josh took 1st and 2nd in the 5k. Congrats!

We had family night the other night at the golf course. I bet you thought you couldn't take an 18 month old out on the course...Wrong! We took him in the cart and he chased after Brock's golf balls and then we headed to iceburg for some ice cream cones. (haha don't mind his hair, he was wearing a hat)

As for our newest addition....

We couldn't be happier!!! We will welcome baby girl Bowden into our family on October 26th. I can't believe it's a girl, seriously what luck!