Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I've been a little absent from the blogging world as of late! We went on a cruise in Feb/March and I lost the battery pack to my camera so I couldn't get any pictures onto my computer... but after much searching I found the charger!! I'm BACK:) Here are some pics of our cruise, SO MUCH FUN!!

The whole gang on formal night

The Cruise ship:)

Snorkeling on St. Thomas, the best ever!

Atlantis! This was the shortest port we had but it was still so fun!

Formal night

Fantastic four at the show!

MMMM...Mango Swirl!!

Last night with our waiters

Had to get a picture of Brock and Corey at the black jack table, this is where we spent 90% of our time! I was the big winner, not to brag or anything:)

Sorry I've been so out of the blogging world, I'm back! I will update more often, I promise!