Monday, December 20, 2010

December Happenings!

This is my cute boy on the Sunday before Christmas! Is he seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen? I can't get enough, by a year you would think I wouldn't be this obsessed but I still am! Grandma Stephie got him some new church clothes for an early Christmas present and I couldn't resist a picture:)

Girls night out! When Aly is in town we HAVE to go to dinner! It was so fun to see these girls I miss them so much! Dinner and gossip with the girls, perfection! (oh yeah, no longer a blonde! It was a big decision for me!)

Co with Santa, I'm not sure he loved it but I was quick with the camera before he started crying!

And here's the best new family tradition! We went to Eden and had a sleigh ride to pick out a live Christmas tree! I LOVED it!! We were bundled up tight cuz it was freezing and snowing, but it was so much fun. Don't mind Brock haha he looks high but he's not!

Seriously, look at that face!

Birthday!! I am officially 24! We celebrated with both sides, but for some reason I don't have any pictures with my fam. But here are the cute one's from dinner with Brock's. We went to Roosters and Cohen ate all of grandma Netso's dinner and then started on Grandma Sue's haha! Here he is testing Grandma Sue's pasta..

What a cute fam:)

Thanksgiving and the Rockettes!

Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year in my opinion. We had a great day. We started off at my parents NEW house! and we had some appetizers..mmm cheese balls and crab dip and diet coke! YUM!! Then we headed of to Brock's parents for dinner and the annual Turkey Bowl!

Have you ever seen so many cousins!!!! Cohen is a luck guy:)

Hard to believe that this was my FIRST year participating in the turkey bowl!! This is my 5th Thanksgiving with my new fam and I have never been! It was a blast!

The day after Thanksgiving we had a girls weekend! We stayed at the Marriott and went shopping and to the rockettes and to P.F. Chang's.. To sum up it was the PERFECT weekend! No kids, no nothin' .. just a credit card in hand and limitless shopping! Love it!

My mom loves the Rockettes, we gave her tickets for her birthday and she pretty much cried through the whole thing! She always wanted to be on, sadly she is too short:) But the show was awesome and the funnel cake was bomb!

I am so thankful for my family!! I know I say this a lot but they seriously are the best anyone could ask for. Seriously, I don't know how I lucked out with awesomeness on both sides! It was a great weekend!

Witch-a-Palooza and Halloween!!

Here's our little UTE!! Haha he kinda looks like he stuck his finger in the light socket!
Happy Halloween, Cohen loved all the candy, I think it was his favorite holiday yet!
We love Witch-a-Palooza at Gardner's Village. Braylee was dying to ride the ponies..

So cute!

We ran into some more family, look at all those babies!!!

Kylee and her kids, they were so cute, they didn't really love the witches!

Here's the all the girlies, we were standing in front of the witchey poo but you can't see it haha!

I know I've said this before but I LOVE the fall!! Garder Village is a tradition every year and it gets better everytime with the kids!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch:)

Last week grandma Stephie took us all to the punkin patch! We had a yummy and nutritious lunch at McDonalds and then we headed off to pick a punkin!

Here are some pictures, I love Fall!!

Cohen in all the pumpkins, my favorite picture!

I made him pose in front of the old truck haha, he's kinda falling off that bale of hay.

Love him:)

All the cousins... so cute!

Happy fall everyone, so happy we actually got a fall in Utah this year!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Is there anything cuter??

Thanks Grandma Netso for the new church clothes, I love 'em!

San Juan, and I Don't Mean Puerto Rico!

We interupt this marriage to bring you... Hunting Season!! I can't believe it's this time of year already!! Brock lives for hunting season and I gotta say, I'm not a fan:) We've been married for 4 years now and I still don't love hunting haha. Needless to say, we took our family "vacation" this year to the mountains of San Juan for the opening weekend of the archery deer hunt. It was no cruise to the white sand beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico, but we still had tons of fun! Here's some of my fav pics (mostly Cohen:))

The Famous Road Hunt

Chillin at the campsite getting Cohen addicted to Ding Dongs:)

Boys will be boys

Happy Campers

The whole reason for the vacation... our hunters!

Cohen stuck in jail, Crew thought he was at the petting zoo haha.
Mmm.. peas.
5 days + no shower = home sweet home!!
I like to give Brock a hard time about camping because it is definitely not my idea of a vacation but it ended up being really fun! Cohen can't wait to be hikin' with his dad in a few years.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This is my obsession as of late:) He's been here 7 months and I have about 7 thousand pictures of his cute little face..

24th fireworks at WSU

Raptors Game!

We have been having such a fun summer. I need to be better at taking pictures, we just got back from Bear Lake for Raspberry Days. We had so much fun shopping and boating. LOVE SUMMER!

Monday, July 12, 2010

30 is old!!!

Happy Birthday Brock!!! I know I'm always a day late and a dollar short but I had to wish my cute hubby a happy 30th birthday! He is so good to me and Cohen. I tell him all the time that his life makes mine and Cohen's life possible:) I love him so much and I'm so grateful for his ambition and his spirituality. I love everything about him, he is the best husband any girl could ask for. He puts up with my "high-maintenance" personality as he calls it and he is still just about the easiest person to be around. He wakes up happy and he stays that way all day. You're the best Brock, we love you!!

We had a slammin' party at the pool, (thanks mom and dad Bowden for letting us crash your backyard!) It was so much fun, here's some pics of the big day and his super surprise birthday present!!

30 candles is a lot to blow out at one time!!

He got the BEST surprise ever!! That's right, I finally found the PERFECT present for Brock this year. He thought I was trying to tell him we were having another baby hahaha but to his relief it was an ALASKAN CRUISE!!