Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

On the 13th we all went to Breakfast with Santa at the conference center where I work. We had so much fun. The event was mine to plan and it turned out so good! We had magicians, cookie decorating, face painting, entertainment and of course, SANTA! I've never seen a better Santa in my life! He had the real beard and belly and everything. He even drove a Santa car. The weather was HORRIBLE that day!! We got like a foot of snow, but we had the best turn out. There were tons of people there and everyone stayed for hours. There was a raffle and Sunnee (Brock's sister) won a sweater. She brought her 3 boys, the cutest nephews in the world. They had so much fun! Netso (Brock's mom) won a free night stay at the Hilton I work at, and she brought Skylee (Brock's 18-year-old sister). What a fun day, we all walked away with gift certificates to the Layton Hills Mall too. Here's some pics of the cutest fam there is:)

Have you ever seen a cuter baby than that?? He is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen! Everyone I walked past would stop me and get Crew to smile. They are the funnest boys ever. Jex, the 3-year-old boy, came and slept over at our house the night before. He's says the funniest things ever and he had us laughing all night long. At like 1:30 in the morning he woke up and came and slept in between us. He was a riot, he kept kicking Brock all night long. He loves his Aunt and Uncle:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crew Baby

So, I haven't blogged about new baby Crew yet! I'm about two months late. I'm sorry Sunnee!! Here he is, the cutest baby ever! He was born on October 6th and he's about tripled in size since he was born. He's a little chub! Here's some pics of possibly the cutest baby EVER!!

We love baby Crew and his little sweetness. He's just started to smile and laugh. There's nothing cuter that that! He looks like Tommy Boy when he starts to laugh, he's so stinkin cute.

December 2nd... The BEST Day of theYear!

So... this is the best week of the year! I'm a whole 22 now and we partied it up all week long. We had a birthday party at Brock's parents house on Monday. They're the best in-laws anyone could ask for. We had cake and ice cream with Brock's family. They're so much fun! Thanks Mom and Dad Bowden!!


Next was my actual birthday and Brock took me to The Broiler. It was SO yummy. I had salmon and brock had the fish and chips. It was the best! We ordered this dessert that was ice cream with a sauce on the top of it... oh it was like STRAIGHT alcohol! Ha ha we didn't finish it:)

Then Brock gave me my very favorite present! He must love me a lot huh??

Then on Wednesday we went with my family to The Mandarin. Holy crap we ate a lot of food this week!! It was really tasty and my fam gave me some sweet presents. Then we went to Kylee's and she made brownies and ice cream for us. My fam is the best!