Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had such a fun Thanksgiving this year. We started the festivities off by going to Brock's grandparents for dinner round 1. Food was yummy and we had a good time wil the cousins.

As soon as we finished there, we went to my grandparents for round 2. This will probably be the last year of this tradition. We are super sad, but the family is getting so big. I think we had like 51 people this year and the whole family wasn't even there. I think in the future we will end up doing dinner with our own families. But, the food was so good! We missed Cole like crazy... he is still in Thailand, 6 months down! (I can't wait to talk to him on Christmas!). But it was still fun with the fam, here's some pics of the day...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Feet on the Court, Baby!!

I have the cutest hubby in the world and he scored us some SWEET Jazz tickets this weekend! We were seriously center court with our feet on the floor. It was Awesome!! I don't know how he got them, but the face value was what I make in a month... I guess it pays to know the right people haha! There are so many things I didn't know about the Jazz, for instance, did you know that the letters on the backs of each of their jerseys are raised?? Something you could only know if you were sitting on the court :) Even though the Jazz lost, it was still the best night, we ate dinner before with the in-laws and then I got to hang out with Brock all night. It was so much fun!

This was taken from our seats, friggin sweet!!

I told him after the game was over that now we had been spoiled and I just don't think it will be the same if we ever sit anywhere else! I don't know how to score those tickets again, but I'm sure he'll figure out something:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

7 Months!!

I don't know why but I hate prego pictures of myself, that's why I haven't posted any. However, I have the best Mother-in-law in the whole world and she promised me that if I would let her take a picture of me I would thank her one day, so here it is... It may be the only one that ever gets posted, haha! But we are so excited for baby Bowden to come that I had to post it.

Here are some other cute pictures of me with the sisters-in-law. I love my in-laws!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Girls

A few weeks ago I got to go to the Women's Conference down at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. This has been a long standing tradition in our family. It's the best night cuz it's just me with my girls and we always eat at Macaroni Grill. I don't know how that became the spot, but we always go there. We had fun, girls nights are the best! Here's a cute pic we took outside the Conference Center across from Temple Square.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


We are pretty much the slowest people on the planet when it comes to preparing for Baby Bowden to come. I don't know why it's taking us so long because those of you who know me know I am generally the most impatient person on the planet. But for some reason we have done absolutely nothing to prepare. However, last night we had a milestone!!!! Sunnee came over and convinced us that we needed to get the crib set up because we don't have near as much time as we think. Haha I think she just wanted to see it out of the box! Anyways... here's a few step in the crib-putting-together process.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I know I'm a little behind on the blogs, so here's a small update of the past little while...


My Oldest sister Mackenzi got married this past week. It was so pretty! She married Luke Colohan from Clearfield. We are so excited to have him in our family. They got married on September 5th and we had a big dinner with some close friends and family at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building after they were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. It was such a pretty day, we woke up to some wind and ugly clouds, but as the day went on it turned out to be beautiful. Here are some pictures of the dinner and temple.

The boxes on each charger had a cupcake in them with Kenzi and Luke's initials. We slaved away for hours making all of the boxes at each place, but it turned out cute in the end so it was worth it:)

This cute picture is from her bachelorette party! These are my cute cousins and sisters. We went to El Matador and got yogurt after. They are so much fun, I love my family!


Every year we have a Gala at my work. It's themed differently everytime and there is a live concert every year. I usually end up going with Brock's work because they buy a table. It's a black tie event. I love to get all dressed up and Brock looks so good in his tux haha. Here a picture of us in the lobby. The concert was ok this year, we had the Nylons come and sing. I didn't know who they were. Last year we had Collin Ray come sing, that was awesome! I thought the theme this year "Dream" was so much fun. The room looked so pretty but I didn't get a very good picture. (I look way prego in this dress, I know, but I thought it was a cute pic of us haha)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Future Yankee

In case you didn't get it from the title....IT'S A BOY!! We are so excited, Brock has already purchased several yankee outfits:) We are already getting busy preparing for our little baseball player to come. January can't come fast enough!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, this news has been a little overdue and I know there have been people waiting for this post, but since I'm so weird and paranoid I have been putting it off. But we had a doctor's appointment yesterday and it looks like all is well, so I decided it's about time! Our biggest news ever... we are having a BABY!! YAY!! I had an appointment yesterday and we should be able to tell what it is at our next appointment in August, but there is a chance we will have to wait until September. We are so excited!! There are a few of you that are close to us that know how long Brock and I have been wanting to be parents. It's been a long sucky road, but it finally happened!! I just have to say sorry to the friends I went out with a couple weeks ago, I wish I could have told you in person that night haha but our families didn't know yet so I couldn't spill the beans. We will be expecting our miracle in January and we are so EXCITED!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Race for the Cure

So, I never thought I'd say this... but I've become a runner. Thanks to Mindi:) Brock and I have just recently started to get into it. We haven't really been the racing type but all of the sudden we've caught the fever. I didn't ever think I would love to run, but we have so much fun together. We just did the Race for the Cure in SLC this Saturday. It was a really neat experience. I've done other races, but I really liked this one because it was so inspiring. There was people all over running for someone they loved. There was young girls running with bald heads and husbands pushing their wives in wheelchairs. It made me so grateful for the family I have the the health we have all been blessed with. I love to see the strength I don't have in other people. The families of the survirors are so supportive. I know people are only given trials that they can handle because I question whether or not I could go through something like that and I would never trade my trials for theirs, but they still seem so positive and have an optimistic outlook on life. It was really inspiring to look around and see 18,000 people all around me running for the same cause. The roads were filled as far as I could see in front and back of me, in fact, the first few minutes we couldn't even run because there was so many people. It was awesome! Here are a couple race day pics (sorry Mindi I ripped off some of yours!)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

SLC Marathon Day!

We've been out of town for the last week so I haven't had a chance to post about the Marathon. Well, actually the half marathon. Jess (my BFF ) and I started training for the SLC Marathon a few months ago. We were freakin nervous on race day, but it came and we both survived. I've never finished anything like this, I am so proud I did it! There's nothing better than crossing the finish line, I would definitely do it again. I think we're going to try the Logan half in August or maybe a triathalon. Here are some pictures...

Oh and I almost forgot the best part! We met Blaine and Daine from the Biggest Loser. They look awesome!! They've both lost over 100 lbs. and they came to SLC for the half marathon. They were so cool, me and Kenz had to get a pic since the Biggest Loser is our all time FAVORITE show!

I'm so happy I finished and that they didn't have to pick me up on the side of the road in the medical van! My time was 2:24, which isn't awesome but I'm going to try and do better on the Logan half. Yay!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What the Bangkok?!?

So my little, well younger, brother is about to turn 19. He got his call a few weeks ago and we had everyone in America over to open it. We had placed bets all over the globe, everyone had a 2 guesses, 1 inside the U.S. and 1 outside. I can't even remember where I put mine, but I know my outside the U.S. one was somewhere in South America. I totally thought he we be a little Spanish speaker. They were all over the charts, some in Europe, some in Africa, some in South America, tons in North America

So as it turns out, everyone was wrong... He started opening the envelope and we were all expecting it to be somewhere in South America, but what the BANGKOK?!?
Here some pictures of us all anxiously awaiting the call!!
He's so cute! I get to see him everyday at work and I love it. He's so stinkin funny! The fam went down to St. George this weekend and he had just gotten his wisdom teeth out the day before we left. He was a little ornery because of the drugs, but he was friggin hilarious! The boys golfed and all the girls; me, Kenz, my mom and Cole's cute girlfriend Ashley got some pedicures. After all the fun the boys went to the priesthood session together. I LOVE our boys! I do have to say, though, that the girls are way funnier than the boys...
We had to drop off the garage door opener in the boys car while they were at the priesthood session so they could get in the house to change while we got a table at Texas Roadhouse. So, we go drop it off in the truck and we thought we were going to be hilarious and move the truck so they wouldn't be able to find it when the session ended. Ha ha we thought it was way funny! So the session ends and Ashley gets a call from Cole saying that they can't find the car. Well Ashley is the sweetest girl in the whole world and she was trying really hard to lie and tell them to call us if they needed a ride, but she laughed the whole time! Well then Kenzi gets a call from Luke and he's saying that Brock is freakin mad cuz his truck is gone. So we decided to end the joke and tell them we hid it, thinking we were so funny... and it turns out they found the car like 2 seconds after they walked outside and we weren't funny at all cuz we got played. Haha it was a fun trip! I love you Cole, good luck in Bangkok!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So... a lot has happened already this year! We've been so busy that I haven't had time to blog about anything! First off we had our ward split and we both got new callings; I'm the secretary in the Primary Presidency and Brock is over the 12 year old scouts. We are CRAZY busy! But we have had a good start to the year (get ready for some random pics, I've had them stored up and haven't blogged forever!)...

First thing this year we had a wedding show at the Grand America. Kait and I had to put together a booth and I think we did a pretty good job! We had the most popular booth at the expo ha ha not to brag or anything...

So check out the cake we made... Pretty good huh? We're thinking about starting a business (Not really:)

Second, we went to St. George with Brock's fam to watch Skylee's softball game. We had so much fun! We went out to eat and lounged around and the best part was the massages we got from the Red Mountain Spa. We got this package at the spa where we got lunch included in the price of our massage. Ha ha the food was SICK, and those of you who know me know I am not picky, so that's quite a statment coming from me!! It was completely organic and pretty much raw vegetables. Brock said it felt like we were at fat camp. Haha but we still had fun! Here's some pics of us at the game.

Last but DEFINITELY not least, Kylee had her BABY!! Baby Tyson Skylar was born on Sunday at 10pm and he is SO CUTE! She's a freakin rock star too. We were all at my parents' house on Sunday night for dinner and they left around 8 o'clock to go home. Next thing you know the baby was here and she didn't even have time for drugs!! What a woman, an 8lb baby and NO DRUGS!! How the crap did she do it?!? Here are some pics of possibly cutest baby EVER...