Monday, October 31, 2011

Londyn Cole Bowden

Londyn was born on October 8, 2011.  She was a little early and much smaller than her brother!  She came to us weighing 6lb 3oz and 19in. long.  She came about 3 weeks early so she was just a little thing.  By the time we brought her home she was only 5.11!

I just have to start her birth story by saying we have been ripped off on both of our kids births.  When Cohen was born it was swine flu season and nobody was allowed in the hospital to see him and with her she was taken to the NICU about 8 seconds after she was born so nobody got to see her either.  If there is another baby up there, hopefully that birth will be better.

Anyways, the night she was born Brock and I had decided to go on one last date night before we were officially the parents of "children".  So we went to Sonora Grill and to see Real Steel (which we loved!).  We had dinner and were sitting in the movie theatre and about half way through the movie I started having contractions and they didn't stop like they usually do.  So after the movie ended we decided to run up to the hospital to check things out while we still had a babysitter for Co. 
When we got there I was sure they were going to send us home but we waited.  Everytime the nurse would come check, there was just enough progress to keep us for one more hour. So by about midnight they decided we were in active labor and they gave me an epidural.  After that it was a pretty boring night.  They said she had a really strong heart beat and it shouldn't be a problem at all that she was a little early. After about 12 hours she was finally ready and she came at 9:23 on Saturday morning.  

Once she came out the nurses took her and were getting all her measurements when they noticed her color and her breathing were a little off.  She was gray and her chest was contracting really strange every time she took a breath.  So they let me see her for about 5 seconds and then they took her to run tests.  It was a sad day!  I had to wait for the epidural to wear off before I could go see her.  It was really sad in the NICU. 

They said she must have breathed in the fluid when she came out because her lungs were wet.  They weren't sure if it was pneumonia or wet lung so they started her on antibiotics right away and she was on oxygen and and IV for her fluids.  They didn't feed her for about 2 days and that was sad.  She looked all puffy and miserable in her little incubator.  Her oxygen levels were low and it was like she was hyperventilating with each breath.  She had a hard time keeping her body temp up and she had to learn how to eat.  But each day she made a little progress and we were able to take her home on Wednesday.  When we left the hospital on Monday without her, it was really hard.  But she wasn't up there too much longer. Now she is home and she is such a good baby.  Here are some pictures...

NICU with a million chords and IV's.  She was so hard to hold all taped to the wall. 

Her little bed.  The NICU nurses at Ogden Regional took really good care of her.  They made her a little sign for her bed and made her pretty every day with a bath and a bow:)


Yay!! Finally going home.  She has the longest hands, look at her hand compared to her little face, it looks giant!

Of course we had to get Cohen a present before we brought her home.  He was feeling a little neglected so he got rock and roll Mickey. I think he loved it more than he loved his sister at first.  Now he gives her loves and helps me with her all the time.  He's a good big brother!

First family pic all together!