Thursday, June 10, 2010


We are SICK of the rain! We had a couple of good warm days before the storms hit this week. Hopefully next week will be better. But we did manage to do a few fun things before we got the 60's.

We started the day off by going to my parents for breakfast. Steak and eggs... yum. It was delicious. Then we headed to Brock's parents and swam the day away. It was a pretty day and it was mostly warm which was good! I was slackin' on the picture takin' so there's only one and it's of Co-baby lounging in the pool (he's very relaxed as you can see!)

Jex's Preschool Graduation


Since Cohen was born there's been kind of a joke that his arms were accidentally put on backwards. This is the best shot of that I have to demonstrate what I mean. He just started to roll over and that's what this pic is, but if you just hold him in the air his arms fling backwards and he looks like he's going to fly away. It's hilarious!

T-Ball... it's a nail biter!

This is why cohen isn't a great roller-over. When we do tummy time this is usually how it ends up! Oh, he's too much like is mom.

Here's his first attempt at cereal. We've moved on to other food now and we've gotten better. But man that first time he had to be naked! He had cereal EVERYWHERE!! I even had to wipe down his seat!

So that's all for now, we are anxiously awaiting the sunshine!