Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Sorry in advance for ALL the pictures but Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year and with kids it is like a million times more fun!  We started our Halloween fun a few days before Halloween.. This is the hayride and pumpkin patch on Saturday night with Grandma Stephie and Grandpa Matt. It was freezing but Co LOVED it! 

Later that night we got together with Cohen's cousins and decorated pumpkins with the kids favorite stickers.. Cohen's was of course Mickey Mouse!

Very proud of his decorating job..

Cute boys!

Sunday night we had a fierce pumpkin carving contest with Brock's fam.  You be the judge:)

 pumpkins in order..Grandpa Scott's, Grandma Netso's, Mine, Josh's.. Don't know what happened to Sky's, but it was really good!

I ordered Cohen this Mickey costume on ebay and I was so nervous it wasn't going to make it but it did and the second we took it out of the box he wanted to wear it.  So this is Halloween morning and he is watching cartoons in his Mickey costume, Love him!

Family picture before Trick or Treating:)

Sister was Minnie Mouse..

Mickey Mouse and Crew-the-Hobo!

Seriously, trick or treating with a two year old, maybe the funnest thing I have ever done and I'm not exaggerating!  He was hilarious!  I loved how he waddled in his little costume.  He wouldn't let anybody put a treat in his bucket he had to do it himself (I don't know where he gets his stubbornness:))

With the cousins..

 After we trick-or-treated we went to my parents house and Grandpa Matt always lets the grandkids have as much candy as the want in their buckets and believe me we had Cohen well trained before we got there!  He was taking candy from the bowl and putting it in his bucket so fast.  He got about 3 times as much candy from grandpa in 30 seconds than he did in 30 minutes of trick-or-treating,
love it!


{Kaitlyn} said...

Your babies were so adorable! I totally agree, Halloween is way more fun with kids!

Crystal said...

LOVE his costume!!! I wish I had thought of Mickey! How cute! And Minnie is adorable as well :) holidays are so much more fun with kids - especially looking forward to Christmas! :)