Monday, February 27, 2012


I am so far behind in my blogging that I'm not even going to attempt to catch up ha!  I'm just starting from our recent disneyland adventure and moving forward:)  Grandma and Grandpa Bowden gave all the grandkids a trip to Disneyland this year for Christmas!  Are we spoiled or what?!  Here are some highlights of our trip.  It was one ove the best EVER!

Both kids just can't wait to take off on our 13 hour road trip..
Londyn couldn't have been better, seriously she is a slice of heaven.  And since we got Cohen a DVD player in the car for the drive he was a little angel.   

but 72 hours of disney movies later we finally made it!  Cohen had a little birthday surpirse from Mickey (A.K.A grandma, grandpa and cousins) in our room when we got there..

 Then we were off to the Medieval Time Restaurant.  It was so fun! I had never been there before but the kids loved it!  Cohen loved the horses and the food was delicious:)

When we got back to the hotel we took a walk down downtown disney and Cohen's 2 obsessions in life are Toy Story and Cars so we had to take a picture by Woody.

Then it was breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen, a must at Disneyland!


Cohen was seriously fearless on everything.  I know this is just a merry-go-round, but he went on everything he was tall enough for and he laughed everytime.  He had a fake little laugh after every ride that was a crack up!

Cohen's second obsession...

Tea Cups!!  Cohen thought these were hilarous..

Londyn, the best baby in the world, just chillin and loving Disneyland!
We had so much fun!  Thank you so much Grandma Netso and Papa Scott.  We are trying to figure out how we can get back in the summer just in time to see Radiator Springs open up:)


alyson said...

So fun!! I swear I would live at Disneyland if I could. Your kids are so cute!

Jason and McCall Erickson said...

Looks like you had a blast!!
your kids are adorable!!

The Shegrud Family said...

Love all the pics!! What a fun trip!!!

Beverly said...

So fun!! Max would be in heaven, he also has and obsession with Cars and Toy Story!

Crystal said...

What a fun trip! So glad you got to go! And I am way impressed at how well Cohen did with the rides and the characters! What a fun trip with all the cousins!