Friday, May 25, 2012

Puerta Vallarta=PARADISE!

So, I have the BEST grandparents in the whole entire world!  They took us ALL (54 total!) to Mexico for 8 days!  We are lucky enough to have awesome parents and Brock's mom being so generous, offered to watch our kids.  So not only was it 8 days of sun but it was also total relaxation because we were CHILDFREE!  Don't get me wrong we were missing them like crazy but it was so nice to have a vacay to ourselves!  Here are some pics:)

Airplane ride with 45 of our family members.  Ha! we took up the entire plane.

All the girls ready for dinner:)  Yes, we got the best room in the complex and this was our view!

Mexican fiesta on the beach 

This is Las Caleitas.  We took a boat out to a private beach and kayaked, snorkeled, had cooking lessons, etc.  It was one of the best days.  Highly recommend!

Dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  We pretty much ate the whole trip and I'm almost positive we ate all the guacamole in Puerto Vallarta.  We survived on Guac, quesadillas and salsa.  Oh, and Coke lite, the Mexican version is delish!

The whole entire fam-dam! We have the besty best fam eva!!

Girlys by the pool:)

It was the trip of a lifetime!  Thank you so much Granpa!!!!!  And thanks to Netso for taking care of our kids while we were gone:)